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About Me

I am a contemporary artist and designer currently living in Ramsgate, Kent, although I am originally from London.

I lived abroad for 26 years before returning to the UK in 2005.

I have exhibited both in the UK and overseas, and have sold internationally.  Currently I exhibit in local galleries and I have work in private collections.

My surroundings certainly define the general mood of my painting, and always influences my work, especially the palette that I use. When living on the Mediterranean coast, I used strong vibrant colours, now back in the UK, my palette has changed, the colours are more muted and I like using earthy tones. Working in a loose fairly abstract style, I use acrylics, watercolour and mixed media. I love exploring different techniques and experimenting with different mediums, and challenging myself, is a must ! Most of my work is semi abstract sea and landscapes. I try to capture the essence of land, sea and sky and not aim for a totally realistic depiction, but rather an impression. I try  to portray the feel and emotion of a scene. At times there is a calmness in my work and other times I enjoy portraying the wildness of nature ! When I am not painting sea or landscapes, I very much love working on colourful abstract  pieces.

When taking a break from painting, I spend my time making various decorative items using recycled materials.

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